Keeping the kids in order

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but I feel like this is necessary for me and if it is of any benefit to you then you may use it. I need a place to put my work and this seems the best place for me right now.

My classroom is quite restricted as there’s many other small classrooms taking place. It’s more like a tutorial group if anything but discipline is still necessary.

1) Make sure lessons are well prepared. The content has been well thought about and it will be interesting otherwise children would easily get bored. Make sure theory is involved but also have games and learning activities not just worksheets and questions.


2) Have a set of classroom rules which is fundamental. The students should keep quite when the teacher is talking and rather than talk down to the student who decided to talk, wait for him to/her to finish before you continue. When they have finished do it make it known that it is not acceptable. For example you may choose to say, ‘thank you for making me wait as I am trying to teach my lesson. Please do not disrespect me by talking whilst I am talking.’ or ‘if you feel the need to talk over me whilst I am teaching maybe it’s best we have a talk with your parents to get to the route of the issue?’

-No talking or eating in class

– Put your hand up to speak

– No hoods or coats in class

– Bring all your necessary material (paper, pen, ruler, pencil etc etc)

From my experience sending a child doesn’t really solve anything. I think I will keep a register of the children and if they talk or do anything silly three times then they will have a discussion with me once the lesson is over. They will be issued with a warning. If the child is misbehaving again then a set of targets will be set in place as to what they think they should do to improve themselves. In a sense it is like a subject report. Over the next month every Sunday they will be monitored as to how well they are doing. We will have another discussion over their progress. If it becomes too bad then the headteacher, myself and the student will have another discussion. Possible targets will be put in place. They will be watched over a month again if it still continues the parent will be brought in to discuss the behaviour. The evidence of the child will be shown to the parent. As the parents are paying for the tuition. Hopefully it does not have to come to a dismissal.


– Warning

– Report

– Talk with headmaster, student and I

– Parents

– With students that are eluding difficult behaviour it is necessary to get to the root cause and decide what needs to be done about it.

– Have a reward system in place with an aim of what they may need to achieve such as 20 points and they can have a gift of their choice.

5) Finding a way to reach out to the parents is important so having small end of term parties with the opportunity to speak to parents is important.

6) It is important to remember that all children are different so what works for one may not work for all. It is important to take in their learning abilities and try to present a balanced lesson. Also with disruptive students it is important to have them realise their mistakes on their own.


Feel free to comment if you feel something may not work and what else you think could work.

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