You should try it see where one word takes you on to.

Life is a gift.
A gift is precious.
Precious is a baby.
A baby is innocent.
Innocent is pure.
Pure is…pure is…pure is…a clean heart.
A heart is a vessel.
Vessel is a vase.
Vase hold flowers.
Flowers breathe oxygen.
Oxygen is life.
Life is you.
You are time.
Time is moving.
Movement use feet.
Feet hold balance.
Balance is a scale.
A scale is for food.
Food is necessity.
Necessity is basic.
Basic is contentment.
Contentment is freedom.
Freedom is prostration.
Prostration is humility.
Humility is in salat.
Salat is a pillar.
Pillar is a foundation.
Foundation is a beginning.
Beginnings are common.
Common is poor.
Poor can be rich.
Rich is not money.
Money is a need.
A need is a tool.
A tool is sustenance.
Sustenance is a mercy.
Mercy causes love.
Love deserves gratitude.
Gratitude is given to Allah
Allah is the One.
The One is the Sustainer.

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