I tell ye’ a tale of ole’ friends

(not that great as I wrote it in a hurry. Just wanted to have something written down)


In the short years I’ve lived my life I’ve seen one of the most amazing friendships. It starts out back in a tropical country, where the mosquitoes are one of your enemies after your own blood. The little boys and girls climb up the trees like monkeys and steal your fruit if you’re not careful. Dogs are wild beasts not to be around whilst cats are the true owners of the house. One of the most scariest cats I’ve ever seen in my life is this furry black beast with sharp green eyes that runs in to steal your eggs. Not your chickens…your eggs! *shrugs shoulders*

There’s a young boy we’ll call him Ali and there’s another young boy we’ll call him…Hamza. Hamza is around twelve at this time. He’s already had a hard life losing his mother and father, now he has to look after his younger brother. Though he had an older sister soon he would lose her to a horrible illness.  Hamza is a little bit older than Ali, and let’s just say Ali is playing in the village pond, swimming about with the fish, determined not to get out. No one can get him out until Hamza comes out. He tells him off. Go to school he tells him. You need to learn something. Ali looks up at Hamza with the amount of love and respect he has in his eyes and reluctantly swims over to the end of the pond. Not wanting to get out really, but he has too much love and respect for Hamza he wouldn’t want to let him down.

Years go by and they find themselves leaving their village and travelling half way across the world to end up in Birmingham. Here they work in the factories it may be the fifties or the sixties. However, they have their work cut out for them. They don’t realise that being coloured people in a white mans country will be held against them for a while. But you know what? They don’t care…they carry on living their life. To them, they have people to feed back home. A new life they want to make out here and life is too short for them to care. They’re made of strong stuff though. Back in the day when animals were so cheap to buy, they could carry two animals. One on each shoulder. Hamza was known to have grabbed a man by his neck and slammed him through a door. Breaking the door. Don’t worry, the man lived to tell the story. Hamza was a patient and kind man, but if you got on the wrong side of him that was it.

Hmm…let’s move years on now.  It’s the nineties in London. Both Hamza and Ali have settled down, they have their families. Hamza has a boy and a baby girl, whilst Ali has six boys and a girl. Of course Hamza had other children but let’s just say they were taken very young and brought back to Allah. So the family grew up together. Dinners, visits, Eid, Ramadhan get togethers etc etc. Due to family problems these friends would not be able to see each other as much as they wanted. From family there was restriction due to problems from back in their home country. However, that didn’t stop them, there was always the local market place, phone calls and whenever Ali could he would come over to Hamzas house. Let’s just say during this time they had a struggle and a difficult friendship. Yet this didn’t stop them from wanting to stay by one another like blood brothers.

This amazing bond stayed until Hamza becomes very ill in hospital one time. Maybe people knew it was his last moments. Here’s where it hits me how beautiful their love truly was and still is. Hamza calls Ali over to his side, whilst he is in his drowsiness. Ali places his hand on Hamzas cheek. Tears drip down his face as he can’t handle the pain. Hamza whispers something Ali can’t make out. Yet Ali comes closer to Hamza and places his ear by Hamzas mouth. Hamza whispers again.

Yes! Ali says. Of course he’ll come back to see him. He caresses Hamzas head like a mother caresses a childs forehead. The pain must be too much I hold the hand of my best friend who had come to see Hamza for one last time. I look to her and we both have tears in our eyes that drown our vision. We look up and Ali is walking away unable to take it anymore. Whilst Hamza looks back up at the exit whispering loudly friend…friend!

A few days later Hamza passes away and people are gathered around in the waiting room. Ali walks in as he’d come to visit Hamza, he has no idea what’s happening. He takes a seat whilst everyone goes silent. Someone shouts out, he’s never going to call you friend again, they shout. He takes his hat off his head and cries deeply.

Hamza has his funeral and people say he looks so peaceful and beautiful. He is taken and buried in the Garden of Peace, with a beautiful tree where the branches reach over his grave. Ali is happy as he has a feeling Hamza is in a good place. Every so often he comes to see Hamzas children, because they are like his own. He gives them bars of chocolate as if they are still five or six. But they don’t care, to them it’s not just the thought that counts, but the person giving the gift. To them this gift is better than  gold or money because it came from love. Every time they get given a bar of chocolate that same happiness of when they were five years old comes back to them. Friendship won’t come to an end for them.

I hope they find one another in paradise. I hope they’re next door neighbours and now they can relax. After a long hard life they walk together down the paths of paradise and eat the fruits together. I’ve learnt a huge lesson from this or many lessons.

Love between friends can be unconditional. 

You only need that one or a few good friend/s to help you get by.

Through each stage of your life you lose people but the ones that truly matter stay with you.

The love you have for a friend carries on when they have children and suddenly you love them as your own.

Lastly, this was an extra-ordinary friendship. Sometimes I think Allah gave them one another so together they could face the worlds hardships. They did have a hard life Ali to this day still does but I can see it now. They’ll find one another inshaAllah ❤

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