Small fish in the sea

We’re all fish in the sea (or so we think),
Many of us in our lives are trying to stand out like the rainbow fish.
We may be selfish and keep all our scales or we may be selfless and give them away.
Some will never make it on their own, or have unique ideas because they’ll just follow the group…or should I say follow the school.
To them it’s a survival mechanism to ward off predators, to us it’s following the crowd, but why?
Be careful, you may get conned at some point. With a dodgy sales and faulty goods. Who would do such a thing?
It was none other than your angler fish bringing you close to him with his light.
Hypnotising you until you just couldn’t say no. One inch closer to him and BAM you’re gone. So Don’t always be taken in by pretty things.
You my friend. You my friend are the smallest fish in the sea. First you were an egg before running away to look for something higher.
It just wasn’t enough to be with the fishes. Suddenly your changing and getting bigger and…croaking? Why are you croaking as you emerge from the waters? Landing on a tadpole, you take your first meal of flies. Seriously what is this? You’ll die if you don’t stay in water. You jump up high for the biggest fly you’ve seen. It’s here you obvserve your green skin and poke the sticky mucus. Hey…you’re not a fish you’re a frog? Ah well…you were never made to fit in, you truly are different.

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