A letter to my past

Dear Shaf,


I guess I’ve changed in more ways than one. It has been a long journey one filled with ups and downs but that will always be life. Academically you’ve put the hard work in but come to the realisation that Biomedical Science wasn’t your thing. With the hard work and effort maybe you could have pursued Medicine but now the time is too late in terms of family commitment and the near future. In terms of your religion, life in general you once thought you knew everything. For a very long time I have realised you thought you knew everything and was a bit arrogant inside. You wanted to give the answers straight away and shove them down people’s throats. Well, it’s safe to say you’re not like that anymore or try not to be. Ever since you were exposed to the sisterhood in Westminster Isoc you’ve realised how much you have to gain in knowledge and the potentials you can reach. You can become a pious muslimah but will need to work hard at it. One sajdah done with some form of tranquillity will not account for all the prayers for the rest of your life that you will need to complete. Your concentration was never fully on the prayer but ever since you enrolled yourself in humility in prayer you’ve realised the importance of prayer. How beneficial and important it is. Good on you for doing that, you’ve wanted to go down a path of knowledge but it will be a slow path. Let’s face it you’re lazy and too much information can be a burden for you. May Allah help you on the path to acquiring knowledge and becoming a better person. You know why I say this because you have a long journey ahead of you.


Kindest regards,



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